Free Nib Exchange

Extends to any product available from our current collection and within 28 days of purchase. Should you realise the nib of your fountain pen is not entirely suited to your writing style, Parker offers a complimentary nib exchange for any nib of the same value, provided it is undamaged and in pristine condition.

Steps to follow

Step 1

Get in touch.

Please contact your local retailer to confirm that they provide nib exchange services.

Step 2

If your local retailer service is available.

Please provide your local retailer with your pen and proof of purchase. They will take care of the exchange of your nib. If completed within 28 days

Step 3

If no local retailer service is available.

Please contact us for further information. If completed within 28 days of purchase, the service will be complimentary. 

Step 4

Beyond 28 days from the date of purchase.

If outside of this period, please contact your retailer for more information.

Find the Nib that Best Suits You

Regular Pen-Nibs

A rounded shape at the tip provides a smooth, free-flowing writing experience. Regular pen-nibs deliver a uniform writing line for both left-handed and right-handed writers.

Oblique Pen-Nibs

Oblique Pen-Nibs Oriented with a Contrary Sense

To compensate for extreme writing angles, these pen-nibs are precision cut at an oblique angle and fitted with a rounded pellet, allowing the pen to write smoothly in all directions.

Italic Straight Pen-Nibs

Manufactured with a sharp, straight-cut tip and finished with a flat pellet, Italic Straight pen nibs apply a thick line in one direction and a thin line at right angles, as necessary for the italic style of writing.

*Special editions may not have all the nib sizes available.

Parker Pen Nib Exchange

The Parker Pen Nib Exchange Program is designed to ensure a high-quality writing experience for every preference and writing style. Use the Parker Nib Exchange Program to replace your fountain pen nib with any nib of the same value within 28 days of purchase. Use the Parker pen nib exchange guide to discover the best nib type to suit your needs and writing style. Once selected, reach out to a Parker retailer to coordinate your Parker pen nib exchange and enjoy high-quality writing tailored to your individual preference.