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While we do offer a nib exchange service and do sell most fountain pen nibs and rollerball sections, unfortunately we do not sell other spare parts.

We do not sell caps or barrels for the following reasons:

  1. The replacement of the required cap or barrel may not be the only repair needed
  2. For pens that are not black, we may experience colour matching issues between the cap and the barrel
  3. All repair operations do include an overhaul, which may be a pen cleaning, a mechanism check, or replacement of the cartridge and convertor for fountain pens.

We do offer a nib exchange service. Fine and medium nibs are available for all of our fountain pen models. If you are interested in another nib size, please determine the size required and contact us on +44 20 3027 6892.

In many instances, we carry out the nib exchange free of charge. This does require you to

  • Contact us within 28 days of purchase of a pen currently in production,
  • Send the existing nib to us in perfect condition,
  • Request a nib from the same family of pen (e.g., request to switch a Sonnet Medium nib for a Sonnet Fine nib).

In other instances, you will receive a quote.

We do recommend that you return the complete pen in order to protect the nib during transit.

Please be sure to include all of your contact information with the pen so that we can reach you easily. For products offered or purchased more than 10 years ago, we ask that you send a digital picture of your pen so we can identify the model.